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Registration Procedure for Fresh Students
It is a very important requirement of the University that all students (both fresh & continuing) register at the beginning of every semester. The registration procedure for fresh students, which is more elaborate involves the following.
What does FULL REGISTRATION involve?

  • Payment of Fees
  • Medical Examination
  • Verification of entry qualifications and other documents
  • Academic/Course Registration
  • Acquisition of UPSA ID Card

Payment of Fees
All students are to pay their academic facility user fees and miscellaneous charges or dues at the designated banks indicated on the fees schedule and follow the link to https://www.interpayafrica.com/upsa/student or visit upsa.edu.gh to disburse the payment done at the bank. Use your student’s identification number as both username and password and change the password when logging-out.
Medical Examination
Every aspect of fresh student’s medical screening shall be done at the University’s Clinic and shall include the following:
· Taking of vitals
· Eye testing
· Laboratory investigation
· Chest X-Ray

Medical screening is part of the registration exercise for fresh students and therefore students must note that unless the medical screening is completed and a report issued, duly stamped and endorsed by a Medical Officer of the University, fresh students cannot proceed with the next stage of registration.
Verification of Entry Qualification and other Documents
Visit the Records Centre (Room 34),  located  on the 1st Floor, North Wing, New Administration Block to present your medical report  and have the originals of your entry qualification(s) (e.g. WASSCE certificate) and birth certificates cross-checked against the photocopies submitted. After successfully completing this process, you will be issued with a Documentation Clearance Form and a formal letter of admission to enable you proceed to the next level of registration.
Academic/Course Registration
 Undertake course registration in Room 7 as follows:

Step (i) Manual Registration

  • Present your admission letter, students’ online payment (interpay) slip and receipts for payment of fees to the Registration Assistant.
  • Obtain and complete your bio-data and course registration forms.
  • Have the completed course registration form cross-checked and endorsed by the Registration Assistants.
  • Write your name in a notebook provided after the endorsement of your course registration form.

Step (ii) On-line Registration and Acquisition of ID Card
•    Move to the Data Centre (AB. 9) and have your bio-data and course registration form   entered into the on-line students’ information system.
•    Collect your proof of registration slip from the Registration Assistant.
•    Check from your proof of registration slip to ensure that the right course codes and courses have been registered before you leave the Data Centre.
•    The Registration Assistant will indicate to you when you need to come back for your ID card.
Orientation Exercise
The University does orientation for fresh students after the admissions process has been completed to inform them about what pertains in the university system. Some of the areas talked about include, the University library and its resources, the University clinic, Academic Affairs, security on campus, University rules and regulations, dress code, fire prevention on campus, etc. At orientation events, students are grouped under sessions. The sessions are: Morning, Evening and Weekend.

Matriculation is an important event where a fresh student is officially initiated as a student of UPSA. Fresh student must satisfy all the requirements and obligations set by the University before he/she is matriculated. These include: registration, medical screening, orientation, etc. Any student who fails to be matriculated without any valid reason will not be accepted as a student of UPSA.


Dear Students,

I am pleased to welcome you to the University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA). Your choice of UPSA as the preferred centre for academic pursuit is an excellent decision as our university provides students with a conducive environment for intellectual and personal development.

As a business school, UPSA considers students from various educational backgrounds i.e. science, arts, business etc. All disciplines of study at the second cycle schools qualify you for admission. This provides a unique opportunity for applicants who did not offer business at the second cycle schools to apply.

Moreover one distinguishing feature of our university is that undergraduate degree students are encouraged to enrol on chartered professional programmes with the university providing free tuition.  Interested students thus pursue the two programmes concurrently.

The office of the Dean of Students is committed to the welfare of students as well as their personal development. Counselling services and sporting facilities are available to students. Various clubs and associations on campus provide students the opportunity to combine extra-curricular activities with academic work.

To cater for your health needs, a clinic is situated on campus equipped with a laboratory, other diagnostic equipment and managed by qualified health professionals.

Integrity, respect and service are our core values.  These values are upheld by all students of the University.

As an advocate for students and liaison between management and the student body, the Office of the Dean of Students will like to welcome you to UPSA and wishes you the best for the upcoming years.

Mawuli K. Feglo


Issuance of Certificate

Certificates once issued cannot under any circumstance be issued again except the original one which has been damaged is tendered in evidence otherwise an attestation would be given.

Collection of Certificate

  • The University’s certificate can only be released to the bonafide owner in person upon going through the following clearance processes:
  • All financial obligations should be discharged
  • No library book shall be owed.
  • The academic gown must be returned
  • Originals of entry certificates/qualifications must be submitted or all entry results must be confirmed.
  • Surrender the University’s Identity card in the possession of the graduate.

If all the above conditions are satisfied but the bonafide owner cannot personally come to collect the certificate, an authority note should be given with two passport size photographs of the person standing proxy to collect the certificate on behalf of the owner.


Applications are invited from qualified applicants for admission to the diploma, undergraduate and graduate programmes for the 2017/2018 Academic Year. Please click the links below for more information

Diploma and Undergraduate Admission

Graduate Admission

All enquiries with respect to admission should be directed to the address below

Admissions Office
Room 7, North Wing Central Administration Block
University of Professional Studies, Accra
Tel:  0303-937544/0303-937542
E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Campus

Located in a prime area in Accra-East Legon, we have contemporary facilities and environmental best practices - stimulating milieu for teaching and learning, studying together g and sound residence.

University Hospital

The UPSA clinic provides hospital services for staff and students of the University community. It has currently an outpatient department (O.P.D), medical records section, male and female wards, doctors consulting room and treatment room.

University Hostel

Please click here for more information on the hostel

Conference Rooms and Conference Center

The University has several conference rooms, including a large auditorium in the main Lecture Block and a 3,500-seat service conference center under construction that can be rented by the public for meetings and events.

Lecture Block Complex

This is a five story lecture hall complex accommodating lecture halls, a meeting room and offices spaces in the central spine on the ground floor. The remaining five floors have lecture halls at the wings and offices for the various departments in the central spine on each level. This facility has two main stair areas, a pedestrian ramp access on all floors and a lift at the main entry foyer.

Library Block Complex

The facility is a five story library complex still under construction. It will comprise of open reading spaces, lending library, offices for staff of the library and professors, learning commons, research commons etc.

Meeting Hall(Great Hall)

The block referred to as the Great Hall, is a multi-purpose hall used by students for various meetings and activities. There is currently under construction a student centre. This edifice, when completed will among other things, house; shops, food courts, meeting rooms etc., which will facilitate other campus activities outside the lecture halls.

Students' Sports Facility-(Football pitch, volley, basketball and lawn tennis courts)

The sports facility comprises of a football pitch, volleyball, basketball and lawn tennis court for use by students.

Banking Facility and Finance Annex

The one story structure at the extreme far south end of the campus accommodating the banking hall and offices of the Access Bank Limited on the ground floor and the first floor is occupied by the Finance Department of the University.

 ISTD (Information Services and Technology Directorate) Block

This block houses the ISTD Directorate which is responsible for all IT related issues on the campus.

Senior Member's Club House

This is a one story building located adjacent left of the main gate to the University. The facility has a gymnasium, massage parlour and relaxation lounges which provide catering and bar services to Senior Members of the University community and the general public.

Senior Member's Tennis Court

The lawn tennis court is part of the Senior Member’s club house facilities. This facility is open to the general public.

Business Development Block

This block currently houses offices for the heads of departments, research fellows, business development unit, internet café, physical development unit and SRC offices.

Lecture Halls

This is a three storey lecture hall facility for undergraduate studies with the last floor occupied by the School of Graduate Studies (SORAGS). Ancillary facilities in the block are a bookshop and offices.

Academic Wing Complex

 This facility comprises lecture halls, computer laboratories, lecture auditorium (under construction) and offices for academic staff (under construction).

Public Place of Convenience

It is located to the far most right corner to the students’ sports facility and serves the sports facility and rest of the campus.

Vendor's Market

This is also known as the food court. This is the main hub which provides food and catering services for students and staff of the university. There are currently five different catering services providers whose activities are monitored and checked by the food and environment committee to ensure food safety and quality standards.

 Underground Water Reservoir

This is a 574 metre cube capacity underground water storage reservoir and treatment plant located close to the vendors market.

Administration Block

 This facility accommodates all the administrative offices of the University. It comprises of a central wing, north and south wing and a third east wing yet to be constructed. It also has a spacious car parking at the frontage.


The mosque serves the Muslim community of the University.

Gate House

This is the first point of call when entering the University campus. It is a two separate one story structure which houses the offices for the security officers and transport unit on one end and offices of the Alumni Unit on the other side.








Our Address

Postal Address: P.O.Box LG 149, Accra – Ghana
Tel numbers:  +233 302 500 171, +233 302 500 722, +233 302 500 723
Fax Number: +233 302 501174
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.,This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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