Prof FeehiBiographical details

Abednego Feehi Okoe Amartey is currently the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Professional Studies. He is a Professor in Management. He occupied several positions at the University prior to his appointment as the Vice-Chancellor. In 2006, he was appointed as the Head of the CIM Unit and in 2008 got promoted to the position of Head of the Department of Marketing. After successfully serving two terms (8 years) as Head of Department, he was appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Management Studies in September 2014. His rise continued when exactly a year later he was appointed as the Acting Pro-Vice-Chancellor and in March 2016 confirmed as the substantive Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the University. On the 25th of August, 2016, the Governing Council of the University appointed him as successor to the pioneer Vice-Chancellor, Professor Joshua Alabi making him the second Vice-Chancellor of the University. 

Professor Amartey is a product of St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School, Accra and Prempeh College, Kumasi. He obtained his Ordinary Level Certificate from St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School in 1986 and Advanced Level Certificate from Prempeh College, in 1988.  He further obtained a Bachelor of Arts (Economics major) in 1992 from the University of Ghana. In 2003, he obtained his first Master's degree, a Master in Business Administration (Marketing Option) from the University of Ghana Business School. In 2009, he enrolled at SMC University in Switzerland for a Doctorate degree and on completion of his coursework in 2010, he pursued his second Master's degree, Master of Philosophy in Marketing, again from the University of Ghana Business School and completed in 2012. He subsequently continued with his thesis at SMC and graduated in 2014 with a Doctorate degree in Business Administration.  He also holds a Professional Marketing qualification from the Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM), UK.

Professor Amartey is an active researcher and prolific writer. He currently has over 38 publications in highly-ranked journals including the International Journal Contemporary Hospitality Management, Computers in Human Behaviour, Service Industries Journal, International Journal of Retail & Distribution Management, Tourism Management Perspectives, Marketing Intelligence & Planning, Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing, African Journal of Economic and Management Studies, Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society, Journal of Direct, Data and Digital Marketing Practice, and Business Information Review.

His publications in the journals Computers in Human Behaviour and International Journal Contemporary Hospitality Management make him one of the few Ghanaian marketing professors who has ever published in ABS three-star journals. 

Before joining the University of Professional Studies, Professor Amartey worked with Fan Milk Ghana Limited as a sales representative and later joined the VAT Service in 1995 as part of the pioneering staff. He rose swiftly through the ranks from Assistant Revenue Officer to Senior Revenue Officer within six years. He has also worked with institutions such as All Nations University College, Koforidua, University College of Management Studies, Accra, Central University College, Accra and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology, Kumasi (Commonwealth Executive MBA programme). 


He is an ardent charismatic Christian and a Minister of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and worships at the Revival Outreach Church. Professor Amartey hails from La in the Greater Accra Region and is married with three children.


Professor Amartey is a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing, Ghana (CIMG). He has served on many distinguished past board and committees in the University and outside the University. He is an external assessor, reviewer, and consultant for several institutions and journals both local and international. Professor Amartey is currently the Vice- President of Consumer Advocacy Centre-Ghana, an affiliate of Consumer International, in addition to his numerous community service activities.

Research Interests

Professor Amartey works in the following areas: Branding, Consumer Behaviour, Customer Engagement, and Service Experience

Teaching and supervision

Professor Amartey has extensive curriculum development and teaching experience across Marketing, Management, and Entrepreneurship. He has taught many subjects including Strategic Marketing, Brands Management, Integrated Marketing Communications, and Marketing Research.  He has also supervised students writing dissertations in these areas as well.

Awards and honors

Professor Amartey has won a number of awards, locally and internationally including the prestigious ‘The Most Respected CEO’ in the education sector at the 2018 Ghana Industry CEO Awards, and the Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence in 2016 at Anaheim, California for the paper he co-authored titled 'Consumers' attitude towards social media advertising and their behavioral response: the moderating role of corporate reputation" published in the Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing 2015 Vol. 9 No.4. He was also featured in the AOM magazine, 2016 as one of its high achievers for the year. AOM is one of the biggest academic research conferences in the world attracting over 10,000 participants annually.


Selected publications

Journal Articles 

Boateng, H., Kosiba, J.P., Okoe, A.F. (2019). Determinants of consumers’ participation in the sharing economy: A social exchange perspective within an emerging economy context.  International Journal of Contemporary Hospitality Management31(2), 718-733.

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Hinson, R., Osarenkhoe, A., & Okoe, A. F. (2013). Determinants of bank selection: a study of undergraduate students in the University of Ghana. Journal of Service Science and Management6(3), 197-205.


Conference papers

Okoe, A. F & Asamoah, E. (2017). A Comparative Study of customer-based brand equity across selected hotels in Ghana. 3rd International Conference on Business Management and Entrepreneurial Development, UPSA, Accra Ghana, April 2017. 

Abdul- Hamid, I. K., Okoe, A.F, & Boateng, H. (2017). Corporate Social Responsibility Communication (CSR) by Banks: Exploring young customers' CSR information behavior. International Academy of African Business and Development, Atlanta, Georgia, USA, April 2017. 

Okoe, A. F & Puni, A. (2016). Distance culture and whistleblowing in Ghana: A model for the future. International Journal of Arts of Sciences

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Osarenkhoe, A. & Okoe, A.F., (2013). Online Brand Dispositions of Banks in Ghana. 13th International Academy of African Business Development conference hosted by Ghana Institute of Management & Public Administration/the University of Ghana, Accra, Ghana 13-18 May. 


Hinson, R.E., Adeola, O, & Okoe, A.F. (2018). Sales Management: A Primer for Frontier (2018). Sales Management: A Primer for Frontier Markets. Information Age Pub Inc, North Carolina. 






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