To be a leading institute of excellence for development and advancement of knowledge through research, training, consultancy, and advocacy which aim at developing human resources and society at both national and international levels within an overall framework of concern for the environment.


To provide training, research, consultancy and advocacy services focused on the development of human resources, governmental and non- governmental organisations, and the society at large. We do this through:

  • Research that reflects current issues at work and in society.
  • Providing cutting edge education, training and capacity development based on research insight, engaging with business in order to track real work place issues that require attention.
  • Conducting research that is relevant for practitioners, conveying forums for discourse, and debate as a platform for experts to share knowledge and disseminate information.
  • Providing insight and direction to businesses regarding contemporary issues.
  • Providing thought leadership through networking based on research insight.
  • Documenting and acting as resource centre for collecting, storing and disseminating information on work and society.


To be recognized as an institute of research driven training, development, capacity building and advocacy focused on work, employment and society.





1. Cross-Cultural Management                                                        Download Form

2. Planning for Retirement and Pension                                        Download Form

3. Labour and Employee Relations in Ghana                                    Download Form

4. Strategic Human Resources and Succession Planning                 Download Form

5. Occupational Health and Safety Practices in Organisations          Download Form


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Postal Address: P.O.Box LG 149, Accra – Ghana
Tel numbers:  +233 302 500 171, +233 302 500 722, +233 302 500 723
Fax Number: +233 302 501174
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