Lecturers-Accounting and Finance

Name:                 Philip Kofi Adom PhD

Faculty:             Accounting and Finance

Department:      Banking and Finance

Position:           Lecturer

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Academic Areas of Interest: 

  • Energy Economics and Policy
  • Development Economics
  • Applied Time Series Econometrics
  • Environmental Economics
  • Sustainable development
  • Monetary Economics and
  • Macroeconomics


Philip Kofi Adom is a Lecturuer in the Banking and Finance Deprtment of UPSA. Philip’s Research Papers in Economics (RePEc) currently ranks him among the top 4% in Ghana and top 10% in Africa in the category of Economics. His research covers general economics, energy economics and policy, monetary economics, environmental and development economics and applied econometrics. His research aims at promoting energy security while ensuring environmental sustainability and sustainable economic development. He has published quite widely in international reputable journals and serves as a reviewer for a lot of international journals and international institutions. He has received a handful of awards which includes the most recent Global Swede Award 2016 by the Swedish Institute and Foreign Affairs Ministry, Sweden.


Academic Degrees

  • PhD Economics (Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU)), Sweden - 2016
  • MPhil Economics (University of Ghana, Accra-Ghana) - 2011
  • B.Ed Social Sciences-Economics (University of Cape Coast), Ghana - 2007


Published Journal Articles 

  1. Adom, P. K. (2015).Asymmetric effects of energy intensity determinants and the inducements for technological transfer via FDI in Nigeria. Energy Economics 49, 570-580.
  2. Adom, P.K. (2015). Determinants of energy intensity in South Africa: Testing for structural effects in parameters.  Energy 89 (9), 334-346.
  3. Adom, P.K. (2015) Business cycle and Economic-wide energy intensity: The implications for energy conservation policy in Algeria. Energy 88(8), 334-350
  4. Adom P. K., Amakye, K., Barnoh C. & Quartey G. (2015). The long run impact of idiosyncratic and common shocks on industry output in Ghana. OPEC Energy Review 39(1), 17-52.
  5. Adom, P. K., Zumah, F., Mubarik A. M., Ntodi, A. B. & Darko C. N. (2015). Analysing inflation dynamics in Ghana. African Development Review 27(1), 1-13.
  6. Adom P. K. & Kwakwa, P. A.,(2014). Effects of changing trade structure and technical characteristics of the manufacturing sector on energy intensity in Ghana. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, 35C, 475-483.
  7. Mensah, T. J., Adom, P. K. & Berko P. J. (2014). Does automation improve stock market efficiency? Evidence from Ghana.  African Review of Economics and Finance, 6 (1), 69-101.
  8. Adom, P. K. (2014). Determination of Spatial Integration and substitution of foreign rice for local rice in the Ghanaian Rice market. Review of Agricultural and Applied Economics XVII (2). 49-64.
  9. Adom, P. K. (2014). Commodity-specific Spatial Integration, Inter-commodity integration and Substitution between maize and sorghum in Ghana. Ghanaian Journal of Economics 2, 49-76.
  10. Adom, P. K. (2014). Determinants of food availability and access in Ghana: what can we learn beyond the regression results? Studies in Agricultural Economics 116 (3), 153-164.
  11. Adom, P. K., Amakye, K., Doh, E. & Anku, R. (2014). SMEs Record Keeping in Ghana: Has VAT Made It Better? International Journal of Economics & Financial Issues 4(1), 152-169.
  12. Adom, P. K. & Bekoe, W. (2013). Modelling electricity demand in Ghana revisited: the role of policy regime changes. Energy Policy, 61, 42-50. 
  13. Adom P. K. (2013) TimeVarying Analysis of Aggregate Electricity Demand in Ghana: A Rolling Analysis. OPEC Energy Review, 37(1), 63-80.
  14. Bekoe W. & Adom P. K. (2013) Macroeconomic uncertainty and private investment: empirical evidence from Ghana. International Journal of Economics and Financial Issues, 3(2): 276-293. 
  15. K., Bekoe, W., Amuakwa-Mensah, Adom, P., F., Mensah, J.T. & Botchway, E. (2012) Carbon dioxide emissions, economic growth, industrial structure, and technical efficiency: Empirical evidence from Ghana, Senegal, and Morocco on the causal dynamics. Energy, 47(1): 314–325
  16. Adom, P.K. & Bekoe, W. (2012) Conditional dynamic forecast of electrical energy consumption requirements in Ghana by 2020: A comparison of ARDL and PAM. Energy, 44(1):367–380.  
  17. Adom, P.K., Bekoe, W. & Akoena S. K. K. (2012) Modelling aggregate domestic electricity demand in Ghana: An autoregressive distributed lag bounds cointegration approach. Energy Policy, 42, 53


Courses Taught

  • Microeconomics
  • Macroeconomics
  • Managerial Economics
  • Quantitative Methods
  • Public Finance


Professional Membership & Affiliations

  • International Association of Energy Economics
  • Agricultural Economics Society



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