Position:  Lecturer, Faculty of Information Technology and Communication Studies

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Academic Areas: 

  • Information Technology
  • Management Information Systems
  • Data Science


After successfully obtaining his Bachelor’s degree from the University of Ghana, Ben Ocra went to the United States of America to pursue his postgraduate degree in Business Administration and Information Technology. While in the United States, he lectured at numerous prestigious institutions, founded the MaxImpact Institute and worked for the United Nations and other multinational organizations.

Ocra has had a long and distinguished career in Information Communications Technology, Research Methods, Corporate Management and International affairs.  He has over 13 year’s track record in International Development and Research. Ocra promoted regional co-operation and development through a number of grass root projects aimed at helping the poor in society through his involvement with Institutions such as the United Nations, the World Bank, Southern New Hampshire University, to mention a few. Through this, he developed models for solving development problems and works to scale up successful projects through determining cost effectiveness of poverty alleviation programs, using the most rigorous evaluation techniques.

His foresight, commitment and dedication to development related projects has earned him prestigious honors from some United States public officials such as former Governor John Lynch of the State of New Hampshire, former Senator and Mayor Ted Gatsas of Manchester New Hampshire.


Teaching Statement

As a lecturer with international experience, my aim has been to create the intellectual environment in which students can openly engage with each other in a very rewarding manner.  I have designed and taught courses aimed at these goals, and through various forms of dialogue, assignments and learning activities that require different levels of critical thinking. The courses draw on different kinds of skills and talents, and active student research.  This practical approach was what I experienced during my post graduate education at Southern New Hampshire University. It was at this University that I started to teach and mentor students immediately after graduation, when the University engaged me as Development Research Officer. Almost every assignment that I gave to students had a research component. 

My teaching philosophy can be summed up as follows: I aspire to create an intellectual environment in which students deliberate and debate with each other respectfully in discussions that are informed by course material and by current national affairs.  To accomplish this, I incorporate multiple avenues for dialogue, varied assignments and learning activities, and research into my courses.  I believe that encouraging students to be curious and to discuss important, relevant ideas in a thoughtful and reasoned manner is crucial for their academic development.

Academic Degrees


  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD), Information Technology
  • MSc MIS
  • MBA Int’l Community Economic Development
  • BA, Geography & Resource Development

Professional Experience

  • 10 years teaching experience
  • 10 years Industry research experience
  • Academic Research
  • 10 years in Development Research and Philanthropy

Selected Publications


October 2013

Ocra, B. T & Ntim, B. A. (2013). An inter-country modeling Of competence and drivers of the IT-based business process outsourcing (BPO) sector, British Journal of Advance Academic Research

September 2013

Ocra, B. T & Ntim, B. A (2013). The BPO country competency model (CCM): A model establishing the relationship and the degree of significance of factors that drive competence in the business process outsourcing (BPO), International Journal of Computer Science Engineering And Information Technology Research, 3(9).

September 2013

Ocra, B. T. & Ntim, B. A. (2013). Ghana’s positioning in West Africa as a BPO destination – A basis for government support for the BPO Sector, Journal of Developing Country Studies

September 2013

Ocra, B. T. (2013). The role of information technology on Ghana’s small and medium-scale enterprises, Journal of Developing Country Studies.

September 2013

Ocra, B. T. (2013). A comparative analysis of the application of information technology by foreign and local banks in Ghana, Journal of Information and Knowledge Management

September 2013

Ocra, B. T. (2013). A comparative analysis of cost and benefit of using information technology in a corporate institution, Research Journal of Finance and Accounting

November. 2013

Ocra, B. T. (2012). Assessing proficiency of private and public sector employees in management information technology, International Journal of ICT And Management, 1(1) 54-59.


Subject Areas

  • Information Technology
  • Research Methods
  • Management Information Systems

Professional Membership &Affiliations

  • Board Member, Ray of Hope-German NGO
  • Development Researchers Association-USA

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