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The University of Professional Studies, Accra (UPSA) has outdoored its Research Policy at a seminar organised by the Department of Banking and Finance for the Faculty of Accounting and Finance as part of its research activities for the semester.   

The Seminar was attended by the Vice-Chancellor, Pro-Vice-Chancellor, Head of Departments, lecturers, students and other members of the University community.


Presenting the Research Policy, Dr. Mohammed Ibrahim, Director of the Research Directorate outlined the purpose of the Policy, saying, “it is to establish an overarching framework that will guide and direct the conduct, dissemination and use of research in UPSA.” Dr. Ibrahim further stated that the goal of the University’s policy is to ensure that research carried out in the name of UPSA or on its premises is consistent with the aspirations of the University. 

To act in accordance with the highest standards of integrity and quality regardless of the funding source(s) for research, the Research Director outlined twelve main areas of the Research Policy which included; Requirements to undertake research; priority areas of research; students’ research; research funding and support; research management and administration; quality assurance in research; ethnical responsibilities, among others. The Director of Research was confident that the research policy now in place, “UPSA is poised to deliver quality deliver research that will meet international standards.”

The Seminar also featured two paper presentations by Mr. Richard Agbanyo and Mr. Osei Adu both lecturers at the Department. 

Presenting a Paper entitled, End of Multi-party Democratic Game Problem: An Insight from Ghana and the United State of America, Mr. Agbanyo examined the trend of democratic presidential election outcomes of the United States of America (USA) and Ghana, which could have a potential managerial challenge, which the author referred to as The End of Multiparty Democratic Game Problem.  Agbanyo recommended that constitutional provisions allow for the review of retirement benefits conditions and other forms of protracted benefits of leaders, subject to end point behaviours; the independence of anti-corruption institutions in  developing countries and elections based on  the competence of individuals seeking elections and not based on the fact that a party has completed a two-term regime.

The second paper presented was entitled- Technical Efficiency in Ghana’s Cocoa Production: Evidence from Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira Area.  In this Paper, Mr. Osei Adu examined the production efficiency of cocoa farmers in Twifo Hemang Lower Denkyira area in the Central Region of Ghana using farm level data. The study revealed that the main factors that significantly affected technical efficiency in cocoa production were among others, the estimated number of hybrid plant and the age of the cocoa tree. Osei Adu therefore recommended that the Cocoa Rehabilitation Unit of the Cocobod helps farmers to rejuvenate and or re-plant the aged cocoa farms with hybrid varieties improve to resource use efficiency in cocoa production in cocoa production.


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