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  1. The nature of COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and its mode of transmission require that each member of the University community practices good personal and environmental hygiene as the first line measure to prevent the spread of the virus on campus, in the hostels and in the community which houses many of our students.
  2. Basic Information on the COVID -19 as already posted on the Notice Boards, WhatsApp platforms of various groups of staff and students, the internet, and at various vantage points on campus shall periodically be updated as the need arises; members of the University Community are entreated to make time to read such notices and to seek further information or clarifications from the UPSA Clinic if need be.
  3. It is the duty of any member of staff or student to protect others from contracting any infection from them and thus shall take all necessary reasonable steps to avoid spreading any infection they may have to others. It is the primary responsibility of any student or member of staff to report to a health facility or see a doctor when they are ill particularly when they have a fever, cough, cold or difficulty in breathing.
  4. As much as practically possible all members of the University community must avoid clustering together for any activity including before, during and after lecture/academic, religious and sporting activities.
  5. The COVID-19 spread most rapidly through contaminated hands touching the face and it is therefore important that all observe proper hand hygiene and avoiding touching of the face. This is one very important step to break the cycle of transmission.
  6. It is important that all must avoid close contact with people suffering from any form of acute respiratory infections (may present with cold/sneezing, flu-like symptoms, cough, fever, difficulty in breathing, chest pains). Persons who have such symptoms must use face masks to prevent the spread of infection to others.
  7. Frequent hand hygiene (washing hands with soap under running water and use of alcohol-based hand rub), especially after direct contact with ill people or their environment must be strictly observed.
  8. Although alcohol hand rub sanitizers may be made available at vantage points on the campus and at the hostel, all members of the University community are strongly encouraged to have their own personal hand sanitizers for use on and out of campus.
  9. Any person with symptoms of acute respiratory infection should practice the following:
    1. respiratory etiquette (when coughing and/or sneezing  cover mouth and nose with handkerchief, elbow or tissue (appropriately disposing of the tissue immediately after use))
    2. wear a medical mask
    3. seek medical care for advice
    4. avoid close contact with others
    5. be preventive-minded to protect others
  10. The Medical Directorate has instituted training on the COVID–19 and other infectious diseases for all members of its staff to ensure their preparedness for both the prevention and the containment of the disease.



13TH MARCH 2020


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