To: All Stakeholders
Warm greetings from the entire leadership of the STUDENTS’ REPRESENTATIVE COUNCIL of the University of Professional Studies, Accra.

It has come to the notice of the leadership of the SRC about the displeasure from some section of students regarding the state of the legal document that governs and regulates the activities of the Council.

We emphatically state that, the leadership of the SRC has at no point in time been coerced by management as claimed.

We have always resorted to fruitful dialogues with management.

It’s an undeniable fact that the constitution of the SRC which saw a review under the Sidney led administration has been long overdue and as student leaders we are deliberating with management of the University to expedite action to promulgate the constitution.

The management of the University disagrees with some provisions in the reviewed constitution that was approved at the General Assembly some two years ago.

Management will particularly want to make some amends to some boards.

The Student Representative Council has the same status as GRASAG, TEWU etc and so although we acknowledge the urgency of getting a constitution for the SRC we are careful not to promulgate a constitution that undermines the independence of the SRC by allowing management representatives on boards and committees of the SRC.

That is not the practice in GRASAG and such can not be allowed to start in the SRC.

We therefore entreat the entire student body to remain resolute as we are looking to have the document working by end of *November* due to the enormous support received from the Vice Chancellor.

We want to use this opportunity to assure students that the Progressive Agenda team will do everything possible to get a working document for the council.

Plans are far advanced to have an open forum to communicate to students about the happenings of the SRC.

Your interest will continue to be our priority as student leaders.

We will update the entire student body on the progress made on the constitution on the 15th of November 2018 as we are hopeful to have the constitution in place by then.

Thank you all for your patience and goodwill towards the Council.

Yours In Student Service
Terrick Nii Obodai Togbor
SRC President

SRC executives
Departmental executives
Hall executives
Clubs, associations and societies
The entire student populace
All Stakeholders

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