A forum organised by Mr.Quartey, The Quality Assurance Director was held on the 14th of June at 11:30am.The LBC auditorium was the venue for the meeting.

The significance of the forum was to discuss about the internship diary and challenges facing students during their intership period. He called on course representatives to actively get involved in the process and also assist their course mates by guiding them through the process.

He exclusively explained what students need to know to be able to fill their internship forms and also write their internship report.He advised we must endeavour to glean information from the various organizations we intern with, which focuses on:

⚫The name and background of your supervisor.

⚫Details of the organization you’re doing your internship with .

⚫What you do on a daily basis in the organization you’re interning with.

He advised that students should be abreast of strategic issues , they should acreate good relationships and networks and they should also desist from paying people to write their internship reports for them.

He concluded that, internship is the first training to give exposure and essence in the corporate world.

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