About the SRC

Welcome to the official website of the Students Representative Council of the University of Professional Studies Accra.

The Students Representative Council is the official mouthpiece of the students of the University and represents the Governing body of the Students. From its inception, the UPSA-SRC has contributed immensely to championing, safeguarding and promoting the welfare and interest of students. It has also aided the University in enhancing students’ privileges by engaging the leadership of the University and liaising with them to ensure that the needs and concerns of the students are addressed. It also ensures that emerging students’ problems are solved in order to create the right atmosphere for both students and management to achieve their respective goals. The SRC is spearheaded by the SRC President who is the chief spokesperson of the students’ body with his Executive Council.

Any registered student of the University is an official member of the Students’ Representative Council and can contribute to building the Council through active participation, constructive criticisms, suggestions and contributions, as well as taking up any leadership position in the Council.

The SRC exists mainly for the sake of its members(students) without whom it seizes to exist which makes the average student the main focus of the council. The SRC’s core function is to represent, promote and champion the rights, interests and views of students in all matters to ensure the well-being of students in the University.

We are here for your welfare!


On behalf of the Executive Council of the Students’ Representative Council, I warmly welcome you to the office of the Students’ Representative Council of our noble University.

The office of the Students Representative Council exists primarily to champion, safeguard and promote the welfare and interest of the students of the University who are the prime focus and without whom there wouldn’t be a Representative Council at all.

Our administration understood this very well so, decided to consider the theme ‘You are the Reason’ to help us restore the confidence of students in the SRC and constantly keep students reminded that indeed they are the prime focus of our administration.

We understood the responsibility this carried and we accepted all the challenges that came along with it. It’s been seven months already and I cannot help but thank God Almighty for all that He has accomplished through us.

We must confess that it hasn’t been an easy journey especially considering the long absence of the SRC and the short time we had to achieve this vision of a much better and formidable students front.

We believe we have set a good pace and a strong foundation upon which successive administrations can build a much better future SRC.

We would like to use this avenue to encourage all students to remain involved with the SRC and continue to stand with the leadership of the Council in pursuing the ultimate goal of a better life for students. This is very important as every administration relies on the support of its people to achieve anything.

Let us remember that Leadership isn’t only about leaders and what they can or cannot do for their followers but about leaders and what they can achieve together with their followers.

We believe in the future of UPSA SRC, for it is bright.

It is a future in which you and I would continue to remain proud of what we have built together.

On behalf of the Executive Council and all leaders of the Council, I would like to use the opportunity to wish all students the very best in the upcoming exams, we believe in you all, make us proud.

We are most grateful for the honor done us in choosing us to serve you

You will always remain the reason.

Long Live UPSA SRC
Long Live UPSA!!!!!